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AxisRooms co-founder & ex-CEO, Anil Kumar Prasanna launches his venture

Tiniva, a low code/no code platform for hotel industry


White-labelled smart application platform to enable Hotel operators deliver next-generation upsell, cross sell & engaging guest experience.

Entrepreneur Anil Kumar Prasanna, co-founder & ex-CEO AxisRooms, today announced the launch of his new venture Tiniva, a low code/no code platform and a super App for the hospitality services industry. Tiniva, a Hotel Super App, will empower Hospitality service providers to delight digital consumers through a host of ready-to-use experiential applications and services during their stay.


What does the Hotel Super App opportunity hold for hotel industry?

●        Exploring New Revenue Streams for Success.

●        Crafting a Guest Experience.

●        Progressing from the room only mindset.

●        Metrics Transitions: From RevPAR to Revenue Per Available Guest – RevPAG, Lifetime Value & Revenue Per Available Sqft


Talking about the venture, Anil Kumar Prasanna, Founder & Director Tiniva said, “The emerging digital consumer is driven by convenience, choice, and instant gratification. Tiniva Hotel Super App is built based on our own experience, and this Super App is a connected marketplace of Hotels with all its services. It has the potential to do upsells, cross sells and digitises guest touch points. With the imminent and immediate need for contactless technology, crunch in hospitality talent, and need for efficiency, this is a perfect solution in the current times to fuel the growth of hotels. Super App from Tiniva enables this capability for Hospitality Partners through a plug-and-play model. This is part of our continued thrust to provide platforms and products to help the Hotel Industry quickly recover from a slump and rapidly capitalize on evolving business opportunities.”

Super App from Tiniva is a “Ready to Launch” Application platform for Hospitality & Travel Partners. This “Operator-Centric” platform enables hotel partners to offer a bouquet of services, including the third-party ones, to their guests with a rich and engaging customer experience. The platform can be easily integrated into Hotels’ current technology environment and plug-and-play with their existing on-deck applications.

Tiniva App can also work individually well for Vacation Rentals, Restaurants, Convention Centers, Tourism Boards, DMCs and other travel related service providers. The Hotel Super App will powerfully help hotels move from a conventional to a connected guest journey.

Today, hotels have a plethora of capabilities and services to drive commerce but there is no single app that can help maximum the same to its full potential. Tiniva Hotel Super App helps precisely in that and brings convenient features, such as In-Room Dining, Curated Local Experiences and Poolside ordering, that aspires to win over guests. These mood-elevating features help hoteliers increase long-term loyalty to their properties and spark positive reviews that drive new business.

Today, when the times have shifted towards the adoption of on-demand apps like quick commerce – (Blinkit, Zepto), people expect to have an on-demand app for the travel and hospitality industry. That’s precisely what Tiniva Super app does—assisting guests in bookings, registrations, services, front desk management, etc.

“Well, it would be true to say that “Connected Guest Journey, Experience & Upsell as an opportunity” led to the idea of super app development,” further added Anil.

Tiniva plans to take the Super App globally to tap its full potential.

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