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bitsCrunch launches premier NFT analytics dashboard ‘Unleash NFTs’

Lack of authentic data, wash trading, plagiarism, and price inflation are common yet unresolved issues that have impeded the growth of most projects and companies building in the NFT ecosystem.


Ergo, for the past two years, the team at bitsCrunch, a leading global NFT data analytics company, has been working towards building core solutions that solve some of the major issues afflicting the industry. The company has launched its first B2C product Unleash NFTs: a premier NFT analytics platform that offers reliable insights into popular and emerging NFT collections, projects, and marketplaces.


Unleash NFTs offers in-depth analysis, research, and statistics into the NFT ecosystem that allows users to make informed decisions on the purchase and sale of non-fungible tokens and understand critical indicators like market capitalization, trading volume, and other trading activities. Presently, Unleash NFTs supports NFT collections minted over Avalanche (AVAX), Ethereum (ETH), and its layer-2 solution Polygon (MATIC). The product is now working to support other major chains, such as Binance (BNB) and Solana (SOL).


In addition, bitsCrunch’s AI-powered dashboard also offers insights into wash trading. While wash trading is deemed an illicit activity in the traditional financial world, regulations and laws around NFTs are yet to be determined, which puts wash trading in a grey area. Considering this, Unleash NFTs also offer statistics on wash trading activities, allowing us to differentiate between the true and fake wash traded volumes. The product ultimately instills more trust and transparency in the distributed space by weeding out distorted data and offering accurate and accessible NFT insights.


“bitsCrunch aims to become the North Star of NFT security, a focal point where investors, projects, and marketplaces can reach to find accurate and deep insights into NFTs,” says Vijay Pravin Maharajan, founder and CEO of bitsCrunch.


“Unleash NFTs results from our pursuit to create a more transparent and reliable ecosystem.”


To learn more about Unleash NFTs, tap on this quick guide that helps you navigate the dashboard.


About bitsCrunch


bitsCrunch is a leading global data analytics firm specializing in multi-chain insights for NFTs and digital assets. Established in 2020, we are pioneering crypto data forensics to allow retail, institutional, and venture investors to make better financing decisions through risk management tools and an all-encompassing analytics platform.


Apart from Unleash NFTs, bitsCrunch also provides NFT risk management tools that detect counterfeit NFTs, wash trading, and determine the true value of NFTs.

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