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Breakout Rooms in VideoMeet ideal feature for large and small businesses

Beneficial for industries working in corporate training, mentoring, coaching, etc

VideoMeet, the Made in India video conferencing cum webinar platform, has announced the Breakout Rooms feature. This feature allows the host to split his running videomeet meeting into multiple separate small sessions cum rooms & all that with the manual & automated adjustable countdown timer to join back the started meeting.

With VideoMeet Breakout room participants have full audio, video and screen sharing capabilities. The host of the meeting will not be assigned to a breakout room and cannot see or hear what is happening in the breakout rooms during the meeting promising complete privacy.

This feature is best for brainstorming sessions, any small to large size meetings can be turned into multiple separate sessions, with a small group of people. It can be randomly picked ‘or’ chosen exclusively by the host with a determined task to complete in a given time, and then participants can automatically join back leading to a meaningful exchange of ideas.

Dr. Ajay Data, Founder, VideoMeet added, “Breakout Room feature is good pick for industries working in corporate training, programs, coaching, mentoring, tuitions, and even to online school classes.It is even good for handling team competitions, simultaneous discussions during main meeting etc. This is going to empower meetings like never before.”

The feature is available in two modes- manual & automated. In the first assigning of people manually by personal selection and in the automated the assigning is by the in-built system. Not to miss, this feature is available in all plans – no restriction & no limitations, all videomeet users can utilize it.

VideoMeet is consistent in adding business utility features, from single click to single sign on, from personalized room to branding your room, virtual backgrounds to set the tone of meeting, from recording one’s meeting to streaming & broadcasting with just embedded link – making it highly user friendly.

With the developers & open API VideoMeet has created integration a change and became a 360 degree collaborative solution, nonetheless with servers in India – secured by design infrastructure with encryption in transit.

About VideoMeet

VideoMeet Application developed by VideoMeet Private Limited under the guidance of IT expert, Dr. Ajay Data is capable of replacing the popular multinational video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet with its user-friendly and advanced features. Video Meet provides no restriction on the number of people participating in the meeting. (supports 10000 people). Specially designed keeping in mind the structure of Indian businesses ranging from MSMEs to big corporations, the platform is available free of cost for all its users. VideoMeet has the advantage that data is hosted locally, which keeps the data stored within our country.One of the top 10 contenders to receive Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of IT and Electronics, Government of India in’ Made in India Video Conferencing Innovation Challenge’. VideoMeet App without compromising on video resolution allows users to initiate and experience high-definition (HD), multi-point audio/ video collaboration without dedicated telecom networks. A smartphone without the SIM card with only the Wi-Fi connection can attend the meeting easily via this platform. For corporate functioning, the entire VideoMeet solution can also be installed on premises of corporate.

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