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Comviva adds two CoEs to its Bhubaneswar Centre

Intends to build the facility into a 200+ strong Research & Development base in phase one by 2023.

Comviva, the global leader in mobility solutions, today announced its expansion in Bhubaneswar by adding two focused Centre of Excellence (CoE). This comes as a strategic move when the company is venturing into a journey for accelerated growth for its products and platform business and investing into growth marketing and digital financial solutions.

Bhubaneswar will be a technology hub for the company to host Centre of Excellence for disruptive mobile applications and digital payments. It intends to turn the facility into a 200+ strong Research & Development base in next couple of years. The company spotlights Bhubaneswar as a promising city to help improve quality of life for its employees, improve work-life-balance and attract gen Z talent to help grow the Center of Excellence.

Speaking about the development, Manoranjan (Mao) Mohapatra, Chief Executive Officer at Comviva, said, “Globally, mobile applications have emerged as a primary engine of economic growth, stimulating enormous R&D and infrastructure, and profoundly impacting almost every facet of our life. Apps around payments, analytics, or any form of omnichannel communication are becoming a dominant channel. So, we are creating a Centre of Excellence for applications around digital payments and growth marketing to help clients navigate through challenges associated with digital transformation in the 5G era.”

“The competitive campuses, knowledgeable professionals, and presence of leading tech organizations make Bhubaneswar a promising talent hub. We want to build a strong specialized Centre of Excellence within the city which will drive our next phase of growth,” further added Mohapatra.

Having state-of-the-art research facilities across Gurgaon and Bangalore for cutting edge technologies in mobility space, the Bhubaneswar facility will be Comviva’s third Centre of Excellence in India. The company selected Bhubaneswar due to its rich technology talent base, neighboring educational belt, quality of life, and overall growth potential. The move to open the Bhubaneswar facility is in line with the growing philosophy of looking beyond India’s big cities for talent and generating employment and business opportunities at emerging locations.

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