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Fintech Yatra to offer $100 million capital to FinTech startups with 25 VCs

~The annual  journey around the country brings together Investors, Banking & Finance ecosystems to drive growth in the fintech space~


The Fintech Meetup’s 5th edition of the annual Fintech Yatra is set to flag off in Mumbai from today. At least 25 VCs have tied up with Fintech Yatra 2023, which will offer $100 million in capital and identify and explore investments in the most promising fintech startups. The team this year shall undertake a 12,000 km journey across 20 cities, interacting with an estimated 400+ fintech startups.


A select few startups shall be incubated via more comprehensive exposure to financial institutions and pilots, and the best ones amongst them shall get funded. The Yatra includes esteemed Venture Investors such as DMI Sparkle Fund, Pentathlon Ventures, IIFL Fintech Fund, BEENEXT, July Ventures, Disruptors Capital, Piper Serica, Eximus Ventures, Inflexor Ventures, Ideaspring Capital, Crowdinvest, Arali Ventures, Anicut Capital, Capital-A, Varanium, Impact Investor – Omidyar Network India and more.


Founded by Abhishant Pant, a career banker and fintech expert, the Fintech Yatra has so far interacted with over 2500+ fintech startups helping them reshape their ideas and access financial institutions to co-create innovative products as well as raise much needed capital.


Abhishant Pant, Founder, The Fintech Meetup, and General Partner, YAN Angel Fund, said, “We started Fintech Yatra as an experiment back in 2018 to interact with founders and understand the entrepreneurial zeal to solve big and complex problems. We have seen the growth of India’s fintech movement over the last 5 years, not just in the major cities but also at the grassroots level. We strongly believe  that with the right building blocks, first-time entrepreneurs can create a superlative impact and aim to provide the same through the Yatra and beyond..”


Fintech Yatra has so far invested in 16 fintech startups namely Onecard, M2P Fintech, Vayana Network, ShopSe, Payglocal, Riskcovry, Tartan, DataSutram, PhiCommerce, Finvu, Converj, Savart, 42 Cards, and a few more. Quite a few others are currently being mentored and are on the road to raising money.


“Fintech Yatra is India’s biggest fintech outreach initiative set up for fintech founders to accelerate their journey. Fintech is a key focus area for our fund, and we look forward to adding value to some of the interesting ideas that emerge from this year’s Fintech Yatra,” said Abhay Agarwal, Founder and Fund Manager, Piper Serica.


“Fintech Yatra is a great initiative for fintech startups to get access to all three immediate requirements that a startup founder needs – mentoring, network access, and venture capital. In addition, our association helps the most promising ideas and founders from the Fintech Yatra to scale as they go through their startup journey,” said Gireendra Kasmalkar, Managing Partner, Pentathlon Ventures.


“The Fintech segment has a great potential to bring impact at a larger scale for all stakeholders by efficiently leveraging capital and technology. An association with a program like Fintech Yatra is a great avenue for us to back innovative ideas that address the large market,” said TR Suresh, Managing Partner, July Ventures.


About The Fintech Yatra:

The Fintech Yatra is an epic road journey traversing through India’s length and breadth to catalyse India’s fintech ecosystem by identifying, incubating and investing in early-stage fintech startups. Fintech Yatra enables connection between innovation providers (startups) and innovation seekers (Financial Institutions). The Fintech Yatra interacts with over 400 startups across 20 cities in 60 days.


About The Fintech Meetup:

The Fintech Meetup was started in 2018 with a vision to catalyse the fintech ecosystem and nurture shared value for all stakeholders. The Fintech Meetup convenes startups, founders, government bodies, strategic investors, and financial institutions to learn more about the changes that will bring about the next generation of financial services. It helps startups with market validations, offers mentorship and networking, and access to the international market. Investments in early-stage fintech startups are done via SEBI-registered CAT-I AIF (Alternative Investment Fund) and YAN Angel Fund. (Yatra Angel Network). The Fintech Meetup helps financial institutions to find relevant startups and enable partnerships and innovation opportunities during its annual signature activity, The Fintech Yatra.

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