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The Rise of the Indian D2C Economy Highlighted at the D2C Insider Omni Channel Summit 2023

The event witnessed the largest gathering of D2C ecosystem players in India, including Anupam Mittal Founder of, Manish Taneja Co-Founder of, and other founders and investors.

D2C Insider, recently concluded the D2C Insider Omni Channel Summit 2023 on 9th September 2023 at The Leela, Mumbai. More than 250 D2C business founders including  Anupam Mittal of, Manish Taneja of, Aarti Gill of Oziva, Aditya Sharma of The Souled Store, and more participated in the grand event, with 7 workshops aimed at imparting operational knowledge and experiences of scaling and sustaining businesses in the extremely competitive D2C ecosystem in India.

With over 190 million existing online shoppers and tens of millions of new customers being added each year, the D2C market in India offers an incredible advantage. The average year-on-year growth for D2C brands (FY 21-FY22) stands at 91%, and companies in this segment received over 1.5 billion dollars in funding last year. Thus, there is almost limitless potential for companies that adopt omni channel D2C approach.

However, the intense competition with over 1,000 companies in the fray, requires founders to display great resilience, market knowledge, and business expertise. The D2C Insider Omni Channel Summit 2023 focused on bringing experts and new entrants together through this mega event and facilitated knowledge sharing, engagement, and learning for the participants.

Speaking about this, Abhishek Shah, Founding Team, D2C Insider, said, “D2C Insider has rapidly grown to become the voice of the industry, and our aim is to boost the overall growth of the sector. D2C companies are contributing billions of dollars to the national GDP and generated more than 20,000 jobs last year. We believe this is still the tip of the iceberg, and there is incredible potential that we can harness through Insider learnings and collaborations.”

Commenting on the Omni Channel Summit, Anupam Mittal, Founder of said,” The impact of D2C Insider is nothing short of transformational. D2C Insider as a community saves a lot of time for entrepreneurs by giving them access to other entrepreneurs’ knowledge and connects at large. The omnichannel event is brilliant one for entrepreneurs in the 0-1 space, looking to grow and understand marketing, logistics, and other aspects via workshops and panel discussions”

The 2023 Summit also included a 3-hour Pitchathon that saw 20+ D2C investors evaluate pitches from startups and the winners were provided with growth packages to scale their businesses. Overall, the event turned out to be a roaring success and the largest D2C gathering of its kind in India so far.

Adding further, Shruti, Founding Team, D2C Insider said, “The Indian D2C ecosystem is rapidly growing, and the need of the hour is to foster collaborations, knowledge exchange, funding support as well as building a closely knit D2C community. This is where highly impactful workshops on topics such as getting better outcomes through content marketing, increasing conversions, and customer satisfaction were held in this year’s Summit. Judging by the feedback of the participants, the event has been a fantastic experience for all stakeholders.”

Kshitij Ladia, Founding Team, D2C Insider, said, “The D2C Insider Women was a testament to the surging potency of D2C brands in India. We’ve not just met, but exceeded anticipations, sculpting a vibrant arena for entrepreneurs to cultivate powerful alliances and harvest game-changing insights.”

The D2C Insider Summit 2023 also featured several keynote addresses and interactive sessions during the evening wherein Indian D2C leaders responded to queries by new business founders. There were also, lunch, high tea, dinner, and mixer activities that enabled investors, industry leaders, and startup founders in the D2C sector to informally engage and share their experiences. More than 15 stalls were put up by the participating brands to highlight their products at the Summit.

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