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Unistal Announces Launch of Protegent Endpoint Security Software

Unistal has come up with yet another new make in India product launch, named Protegent endpoint security software. The endpoint security has been developed with the aim of providing cyber security services for network endpoints. The release is expected to mark memorable success and achievement in the sphere of IT when it comes to saving the world from security threats, attacks and other malicious activities which are increasing with the technological growth.

Protegent endpoint security inculcates encryption feature for securing the gadgets accessing enterprise network thus will assist in controlling any risky activities with proficient monitoring, said Mr. Alok Gupta, Managing Director, Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.The services under the software will accumulate filtering of emails, web filtering, malicious acts and viruses. The software will assist the business network specifically while devices like laptops, or computers are accessed remotely. The installation of this endpoint security solution will be followed by network servers and other endpoint devices.

The idea of launching this new product mainly linked to offering the cyber security for enterprises. We comprehend the importance of data protection and hence it has been developed as it will oblige in saving the business from cyber threat. In this world of technology, hackers are constantly coming up with the latest methods of gaining access, stealing information or manipulating the data and even employees to obtain sensitive information. So, in this case Protegent endpoint security software will come to the rescue.

Our new launch of Protegent endpoint security software solution will benefit in data encryption on removable devices as well to ensure protection against loss or leaking of data. Also, the solution will not let unauthorized user’s access information or application from the company’s network.


Here are the key features of Protegent endpoint security that any enterprise would be able to take pleasure in:

Security from threats spread via email: –It holds the ability to scan every attachment of email hence securing the business from any sort of security attacks.

Security from web downloads: –Protegent endpoint security software is built with the feature of analyzing traffic i.e. incoming and outgoing to offer web security and blocking the malicious applications of web before it manages to reach the endpoints.

Offers device control with easy application: –Enterprises would be able to manage or control the devices that can access hardware or upload and download data with the use of Protegent endpoint security software solution.

Advanced machine learning: –The software also analyzes the huge amount of files that are bad and good. After the appropriate identification, it efficiently block the latest variants of malware before they are implemented on the endpoint gadgets.

Protection from exploitation:-The Protegent endpoint security software is built with the feature of securing against zero-day susceptibilities and attacks which are memory-based.

Monitoring of behaviors: –It is also developed with the feature of using machine learning so that the behaviors are monitored for determining the risk and taking appropriate action.

Protection of data loss: –Protegent endpoint security software will benefit the users in preventing the access violations taken place due to reasons like insiders, employees, intentional and unintentional loss of data by breaching system. It has got the ability of blocking files shared through emails or messages also the files uploaded on the web. Hence, the software will ensure complete security for endpoint devices.

Anti-Ransomware Backup – Data Protection will centrally backs up your configured data in a lock down mode and protects them from ransom attacks and modifications.

Parental Control – Safe guard your network from access to inappropriate Internet websites content & cyber bullying based on content categories, such as Porn/Adult & time restriction.

Advance DNS Scan – Detection types range from very specific hashes to Advanced DNA Detections, which are complex definitions of malicious behavior and malware characteristics. We perform deep analysis of the code and extract “genes” that are responsible for its behavior and construct Advanced DNA Scan

Bandwidth Management – A simple way to track your Internet quota usage and quota limitation.

All in all, the release of Protegent endpoint security- A World class make in India product is well-suited for corporate and SME company’s needs. It will undoubtedly benefit the organizations majorly specializing in the IT world and enterprises that are worried about their information loss, data theft because of security attacks, hackers, malicious acts, viruses etc. The Protegent endpoint security software is developed with the aim of making the IT world free from these threats. And, hopefully we will accomplish the set target.

Unistal has decided to sell Protegent endpoint security through its nationwide partner network. Interested partners can send their request for tie-up/ demo to [email protected].


About Unistal

Unistal System Pvt. Ltd. is a prosperous organization established by Mr. Alok Gupta & Pankaj Mathur in 1994 aiming to protect the IT industry from security threats by developing meticulous solutions. The services we accumulate are data security, data recovery, data care products, and solutions. Presently, with our efforts and team of experts we have managed to develop products for data security and data recovery domain. Since, our customers are main priority we always try our hand on developing the products and solutions filled with innovations and extra advanced features.

Unistal is an organization offering security solution for more than 26 years now having more than 50 make in India products in data security and data recovery.We are also successfully expanding our areas and delivering other projects like oil, gas and utility including software solutions involving digital marketing and development services. So, the information is extensive for our services with the rate of success we have achieved over the years. Therefore, this launch is anticipated to be a great success among the consumers offering them great services for security solutions.

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