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World Wi-Fi Day: ACT Fibernet builds ‘Digital Inclusion’ through public Wi-Fi Hotspots in India

In 2021 alone, the broadband company installed over 4000 Wi-Fi Hotspots across Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai, that consumed over 2500 TB of data.


To further strengthen its initiative towards building a digitally inclusive society, ACT Fibernet has been enabling free internet access to all the people across major cities in India. In 2021 alone, the broadband company installed over 4000 Wi-Fi Hotspots across Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai, that consumed over 2500 TB of data.


Today, we depend on internet connectivity for everything, from work to shopping, entertainment, and knowledge. As people’s lives are increasingly mediated via digital interactions built on information and communication technologies, multiple services are now being available digitally. However, not all have access to the internet and its abilities, which creates a digital divide in society.


To build a digitally inclusive society and to empower citizens of India, ACT Fibernet undertook multiple initiatives across different parts of the country in the last year. The company installed 4300+ Wi-Fi Hotspots across Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. These hotspots, powered by ACT SmartFiber technology, are located across hospitals, bus stops, malls, public libraries, parks, and schools. In the last year, ACT Fibernet saw the success of these projects, as the hotspots registered a total of over 1.4 million unique users, who consumed an average of 1.8 GB data each.

On the occasion of World Wi-Fi Day, Bala Malladi, CEO, ACT Fibernet said, “Today, we are at a stage where digital technologies are increasingly the heart of everyday interactions. So, having limited access to technology often results in limited access to basic needs and services. As a result, solving digital disparity is more important than before. At ACT Fibernet, this has always been important to us, and we are happy to contribute to bridging the digital divide through our Wi-Fi hotspots.”

Across all ACT Fibernet Wi-Fi hotspots, existing customers of ACT Fibernet, when they login with their ACT credentials, get their current home plan broadband speeds. E.g. if ACT Fibernet users have 100 Mbps plan speed at home, they will get 100 Mbps speed at these Wi-Fi hotspots too. Guest users have to login through the ACT Free Wi-Fi portal with their phone number and OTP and can use free internet for 45 mins at 40 Mbps speed and 1 GB data limit without any cost.




About ACT Fibernet

ACT Fibernet is one of largest wired ISPs (Internet Service Provider) in India. Headquartered in Bangalore it has operations in 19 cities with 1.8 million customers. ACT Fibernet is known for its cutting-edge technology and high-speed broadband connectivity that the company provides to its customers. In 2019, ACT Fibernet forayed in the consumer category with the launch of its product ACT stream TV 4K. ACT Fibernet was the first broadband service provider to bring 1 Giga speed connectivity in India to the city of Hyderabad in 2017, followed by Bengaluru and Chennai in 2018. ACT Fibernet has been recognized as India’s most Consistent Broadband Network in 2020 by Ookla, Best Brands 2020 in the broadband category by The Economic Times, Best Broadband for Streaming in Hyderabad and Chennai as per research conducted by InMobi in Sept 2020, and No.1 Broadband for Gaming according to The Times of India Report, 2020.


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