Top 5 Powerful Parental Control Platforms for Indian Families

As the digital world becomes an integral part of our lives, ensuring our children’s online safety has become a top priority for parents in India. Parental control platforms offer a much-needed solution, allowing parents to monitor and manage their children’s online activities effectively. Here are five powerful parental control platforms tailored for Indian families:

Qustodio is a feature-rich parental control platform that empowers parents to supervise their child’s online experience across various devices. With real-time monitoring, website filtering, and app control, parents can set healthy screen time limits and block inappropriate content. Qustodio also offers a panic button feature, enabling kids to seek help quickly in emergencies.

Pro: Its multilingual interface makes it user-friendly for Indian parents.

Con: You will need a separate app installation for every device that you need protected.


Happinetz Box provides Safe Internet for Kids by connecting to your home router, wired or wirelessly. Once connected, it creates a separate WiFi network. You can easily manage kids’ internet access on the Happinetz WiFi. This does not affect your Home WiFi or devices connected to it. Happinetz supports parents in guiding their children’s digital journey responsibly. With its focus on safety, security, and ease of use, Happinetz becomes an indispensable tool for modern parents in the digital age.

Pro: It works on all kinds of devices (iOS & Android phones, Smart TVs, laptops, etc) and also in every browser, even in incognito mode.

Con: It’s a WiFi-based system.

SafeToNet focuses on safeguarding children from online risks by leveraging AI technology. This platform detects and blocks harmful messages, images, and videos, preventing cyberbullying and inappropriate content exposure. SafeToNet also provides emotional support to kids through a unique “Crisis Messenger,” which connects them with trained professionals if they encounter distressing content.

Pro: NetNanny which was acquired by SafeToNet is simple to set-up.

Con: It can only block 120+ apps on iOS devices.

Norton Family:
From the renowned cybersecurity company Norton, Norton Family is a comprehensive parental control platform that offers a wide range of features to protect children online. Parents can monitor search and browsing history, block unsafe websites, and set time limits for device usage. Additionally, Norton Family keeps parents informed about their child’s online activities through email alerts and a dedicated mobile app.

Pro: There is no limit on the number of monitored devices.

Con: Doesn’t work on Mac and isn’t very effective on iOS-based devices like iPhones and iPads.

Mobicip is a user-friendly parental control platform that covers an array of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. It allows parents to filter content, block apps, and track browsing history. Mobicip also offers a location tracking feature, ensuring parents can keep an eye on their child’s whereabouts when needed. Its seamless integration with Indian app ecosystems makes it a popular choice for Indian families.

Pro: Supports a lot of platforms.

Con: Desktop browsing restrictions set by parents can be bypassed by children.

In a technology-driven era, parental control platforms provide a crucial layer of protection for children while they navigate the digital world. The above five parental control platforms cater specifically to Indian families, ensuring a safe and secure online environment for children. Whether it’s monitoring screen time, filtering content, or preventing cyberbullying, these platforms offer valuable tools for parents to stay involved in their child’s online journey and foster responsible digital citizenship

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