Women Leaders talk about innovation and technology for gender equality

Nina Nair

Senior Vice President & HRD Head, India & Americas, [24]7.ai

As an organisation, we have laid a strong focus on creating a gender-inclusive workplace. To enable this, our company hired over three thousand two hundred women employees during the year, taking the overall number of women in its workforce to over one-third. The company’s equitable and inclusive policies and initiatives have been lauded by the industry.

Our clear focus in the past years has been to make our organisation gender diverse and inclusive. We strongly believe that a collaboration of unique individuals creates inventive solutions. This is why we at [24]7.ai aim to create an equitable workplace that is flexible, supportive, and rewarding so that our employees are happy at work. Our focus on gender diversity has helped us ensure that over a third of our workforce are women, and even our senior leadership team comprises women who hold key positions across varied teams.”


Puja Issar

Managing Director of India, AnitaB.org India

“Empowering women is more than just a responsibility, it is a moral impetus for a better and more inclusive world. On this International Women’s Day, let us celebrate the incredible women who are breaking barriers and driving innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), despite the inherent gender bias and discrimination.

As we celebrate their achievements and strength, we must also work towards creating more inclusive and diverse STEM communities that breaks down barriers and offer support to aspiring young women. Let us also challenge the stereotypes that often hold women back in STEM and advocate for equal opportunities, pay and representation. By promoting gender diversity, we can unlock new perspectives that drives innovation and solve some of the world’s most urgent issues. Because when women succeed, we all succeed.”


Chaitali Pishay Roy

Founder, CPR Consultants

Women have always been inherently shy and introverted when it comes to putting themselves out there and being considered a leader. As a woman entrepreneur, I can feel and understand the needs of women leaders and associate myself with the hurdles and problems they face. This is one of the reasons I started CPR, where we provide reputation management and PR services, to make it available to clients beyond just the metro cities. There is phenomenal work being done in tier 2 & 3 cities of India as well, and we want to help bring their stories to the forefront, tell them to everyone, and help them sail through their entrepreneurial journey.

We have worked and continue working with fantastic woman entrepreneurs who have done tremendous work in traditionally male-dominated spaces like business consulting, alco-beverage companies, D2C brands, and more. These women leaders are not only breaking the traditional barriers by running successful businesses but also empowering many other women by providing them with jobs. It gives me immense satisfaction to help put such stories of grit, determination, and success of women entrepreneurs on the stage that they need and deserve.


Swetha Kochar

Partner at PKC Management Consulting

“Women with families, even in today’s generation show hesitance when it comes to building their careers. Being an entrepreneur for nearly 5 years, I am yet to see proportional contributions of women in business. Especially when it comes to an industry like business consultancy, there are still more men than women. This is due to the lack of belief in oneself. Business minds have for years been associated with men, thereby undermining the intelligence of a woman without her even getting the chance to showcase her intelligence.

I wish to see an increased number of serial women entrepreneurs and in C Suite positions who have the confidence and power to build themselves in career paths that are considered unfit for a family woman! People need to see that a house and a business can easily be built by a woman with just a little support from everyone.”


Divya Chethan

Co-Founder, CBREX

“Women in non-traditional industries seem to be hesitant to try new things. But as someone with a recruitment background who became a co-founder of a B2B tech product company, I personally experienced the benefits of stepping outside my comfort zone when I was asked to head the product team. Although men dominate the tech industry, there is tremendous potential for women to excel in India’s tech industry with just a little encouragement. As part of CBREX, a B2B talent management platform, I aspire to help more women discover new and exciting opportunities. Remember that every woman has support, whether from friends, family, or others. Believe in yourself, and you’ll find endless opportunities for growth.”


Tabir Rakhshinda Hussein

Head – Internal Operations, Leegality

“At Leegality, we are proud to say that we recognize and celebrate the contributions of women in our organisation. Across the hierarchy, women at Leegality have been at the forefront of innovation and growth and are leading teams for creative and impactful work. We strive to create a workplace that is inclusive, supportive, and empowers women from all walks of life. Our concept of how we work keeps evolving keeping into consideration what all our employees expect, and we work together to ensure a level playing field for all. On this Women’s Day, let us not be held back by what we have achieved at workplaces so far, but let us acknowledge the work that still needs to be done and be driven by it.”



Dr Reema Nadig

Co-Founder and COO

KITES Senior Care

“On this International Women’s Day, let us celebrate the incredible strength, resilience, and achievements of women. Despite facing societal barriers and discrimination over centuries, women continue to break down walls and shatter ceilings to reach the sky in all aspects of life. Let us acknowledge the remarkable achievements made by women in the geriatric care sector in India. Their perseverance in the face of challenges, including inadequate resources and social biases, significantly enhancing the lives of their patients, and their efforts are critical to providing high-quality care to India’s senior population. We must commit to providing them with the resources and support they require to continue caring for the elderly so that they receive the care, respect, and dignity they deserve. Celebrating women hood this year and forever.


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