Marketing automation will act as a powerhouse in addressing the need gaps and empowering businesses to boost sales in 2023

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Ms. Yogeeta Chainani, Co-Founder, Swaarm


  1. How newly founded startups can accelerate their growth in 2023 with the right performance marketing platform?

India has grown exponentially with more than 84,000 startups by the end of 2022 (as shared by DPIIT). However, this segment is struggling to make ends meet.

Amidst the changing business dynamics, including shifts in business models, operations, or consumer preferences, automation can help young ventures accelerate, scale up, and focus on poignant activities that will drive their business.

By streamlining their offers and advertising campaigns with the help of real-time data

analysis and analytics, startups just like mid and established businesses can use automation in performance marketing.

Investing in AI-powered integration and automation can also turn into a crucial step as it will empower marketers with the ability to integrate their apps and data as well as automate their processes and workflows. Startups need to realize that in order to build and grow a high-performing marketing company, automation will be their best bet.


2. What are the challenges (including data problems) digital marketing leaders struggle with?

Although more than 51% of businesses presently use marketing automation, more than 58% of businesses plan on adopting it (source- Emailmonday). No wonder, technology wise, marketers continue to struggle with a lack of ad hoc, real-time data insights, limited options for workflow automation, difficult migration to another tracking platform, and lack of stability and reliability of technological platforms, which are vital to maximizing any marketing campaign and its effectiveness.

There is also a dire need to overcome challenges like budget allocation for automation, and a strong, well-coordinated team including marketing, sales, customer support, and IT to accelerate the adoption of marketing automation. Additionally, many businesses struggle to secure C-level support for implementing and investing in automation solutions which are both critical and in some cases challenging to achieve.

Given the enormous advances and diversity in the APAC regions, these issues are not just specific to this area but are extremely acute as well. Marketers are undoubtedly challenged by the linguistic, cultural, economic, and technical variations in the APAC region.


3. How will marketing automation help digital marketers and businesses boost sales in 2023?

Even though the growing and intricate digital marketing space allows the adaptation of continuous innovation and campaign customisation, there are five important ways by which digital marketers can use comprehensive automation tools to amplify the effectiveness and scalability of their performance marketing strategies.

Via offer testing, advertisers and publishers can not only save time and resources but also take timely corrective measures to identify faulty or broken links to help optimize most of the efforts.

Data-Driven Campaign Optimization is empowering marketers to reduce the amount of manual labor and cost while boosting advertiser ROI and business profitability. This has been possible due to performance marketing solutions that automatically target geolocation, device, traffic type, interests, etc. based audiences.

Automated Insights in the form of real-time tracking and revenue statistics unveiling patterns, trends, and business opportunities allow marketers to boost their performance marketing efforts.

Automatic Offer Approval allows marketers to import, create, and accept offers from an extensive number of integrated partners in accordance with predefined rules, thereby saving tons of time and resources.

Automated Client Notifications make it super easy for marketers to update partners on any potential modifications to an offer with just the press of a button.


4. How automation will redefine ad tracking in 2023?

One of the major issues of the mobile marketing ecosystem is the lack of advanced affiliate advertising tracking technology which makes it difficult to uphold the industry growth. As of today, in order to meet their client’s targets most ad agencies work solely with tracking platforms on matters pertaining to data accuracy, publisher management, and campaign optimization.  What ad agencies don’t realize is that tracking platforms can play a pivotal role in increasing transparency in performance and assisting them in identifying areas of weakness and uncovering opportunities for revenue optimization.

Tracking platforms can assist affiliate marketers to reach their goals in five essential ways this year –

By ensuring critical analytics are consistently available on the marketer’s dashboard including gross profit, daily comparative success metrics, and access to their hourly/daily/weekly/monthly progression on a dashboard, making it easier and quicker to evaluate performance and take appropriate timely action.

By ensuring that tracking Links that can be scanned without disclosing information to a third-party vendor are available to affiliate marketers When an offer is active, links can be constantly checked to ensure they are reaching a store thereby saving money by averting traffic to a faulty link.

By knowing who their best performing Publishers are, marketers can make informed decisions and optimize resources. A transparent solution in place enables them to further choose what they want to filter, segment, and measure in order to gain critical insights and boost performance.

Integrating networks can help affiliate marketers attain transparency and visibility and also select whether or not to automatically approve offers for that network. It also allows them to watch a feed of offers, assess and compare its performance as compared to those from a different network on their platform in the past, and then select which ones they want to approve. This lends significant transparency and allows them to be more selective with the offers they approve and save time with auto-approvals.

Innovative Automation assists account managers to accept or reject publishers, create click and conversion budgets, set click budgets, and map payouts.


5. Share in detail the strategic roadmap for marketers to boost their brand’s performance in 2023

Mobile marketing landscape is ever-evolving— and it appears lately that the wind has been blowing more forcefully than normal. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as we forge ahead in 2023:

Closely track privacy regulations, when it comes to mobile marketing, privacy is at the forefront, right from Apple’s deprecation of IDFA to the (still in flux) Google Sandbox.

Stay flexible to be able to adapt swiftly and compete in the fast changing mobile marketing landscape. It’s time to be open to new tactics or to use technologies that can be attuned in the face of change.

Tracking  ROI allows marketers to evaluate the marketing channels to figure out the ones giving the best results and most valuable users. It’s important that they keep in mind to set the important KPIs to ensure the optimum usage of the budget in an efficient manner.

Include affiliate marketing in the mix as it is anticipated to reach $15.7 billion by 2024, making it an indispensable channel for mobile marketers in 2023. A good affiliate network can give an important mix of channels that look beyond the boundaries of Google and Facebook.

Automate whatever you can, whenever you can so that people are freed to work on bigger-picture, more creative tasks. This is crucial for small teams trying to get the most out of every advertising dollar.


6. Elaborate on Swaarm’s offerings for the mobile marketing ecosystem – issues it is addressing, key differentiators from market competitors + business and growth journey

Swaarm is a performance-based tracking platform that empowers digital marketing agencies, advertisers, and partners across geographies to manage, track, analyze, automate and enhance their marketing campaigns at scale.

Our offerings

We intend to interminably develop solutions that simplify marketers’ day-to-day tasks.  One of our solutions, Explorer, for example, enables marketers to evaluate and analyze data in real time faster than any other platform. It addresses their needs for easy access to important insights for managing everyday advertising campaign operations.

Through our Privacy Enabled Attribution (PEA Chain), we help marketers to track campaign and traffic sources along the whole advertising network chain in compliance with Apple’s privacy regulations.

Key differentiators

Since inception, we have earned the trust and confidence of our clients such as Clearpier, Spyke Media, and Apptrust amongst others, and their businesses all around the world. Our ability to uphold the commitment to our four core principles, which are mirrored in our offers, is what makes us strong and sets us apart from the competition.

From personalized onboarding sessions to daily operations, Swaarm offers exceptional customer support services of the highest caliber that compliments the innovative tools and technology to help our clients boost their businesses.

Our business and growth journey so far

Our journey has been incredible since our inception in October 2020. In 2022, we closed a seven figure funding spearheaded by STS Ventures, a global financial institution; preceded by seed funding in 2021 and funding in 2020.

While we are headquartered out of Berlin (Germany), we tripled our global workforce to strengthen our presence across geographies – Germany, Poland, Spain, Romania, India, Denmark, and Lithuania which allows us to offer services globally throughout all time zones.

We have gradually broadened our client portfolio which includes leading global brands and boutique agencies including Aragma (India),Vytomy (India), Mobco Media (India/Israel), Clearpier (Canada), Apptrust (Poland), (Israel) and SpykeMedia (Germany).

We aim to make our solution available to more marketers worldwide. We will continue expanding our customer base, further enhance the product offerings, drive deeper penetration in existing, and expand to new geographies.

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