Technology is no longer just a business enabler

Object Technology Solutions India (OTSI) leverages its 22 years of digital technology services experience with more than 2000 professionals. The company currently has 100+ active customers, which are Fortune 100, 500 and 1000 companies. Company’s deep expertise in working with various industry verticals and matured engagement models with multi-shore development capability will drive the growth of the company. Mr.Chandra Talluri, Chief Executive Officer, OTSI, in a discussion with CXOToday shares his detailed insights on the same.


  1. Kindly brief us on the recently executed NITI Aayog’s National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP).

OTSI has developed NITI Aayog’s National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP). It’s a more outcome-based project and we are the sole technology partner involved in this project. This is one of the prestigious projects. Many big names have participated in the RFP which was primarily targeted at Tier 1 partners.

The platform aims to improve last-mile delivery and enable seamless use of Indian Government data through an intuitive, user-friendly platform. NDAP is a one-stop shop for Government’s data in a way that is truly useful to users (citizens to policy makers). The portal currently offers 203+ datasets from more than 47+ Central Government Ministries and Agencies and across 14 Sectors and will add new datasets up to the village level in the future.

Using specially designed algorithms, the data fetched from various Government portals is processed to ensure uniformity in semantics so that two different datasets can be compared. This means that our software enables Government data to be presented in a user-friendly format, and promotes data-driven decision making and research. As of today, we have analyzed and processed more than 30,000 source files from various departments and combined them into 203 datasets on NDAP. We are working on getting more datasets to be onboarded onto the platform in the coming weeks. We took every measure to make sure NDAP’s backend architecture is scalable and resilient to cater to the future needs of India.


2. What are the key trends driving the growth of the company?

 We are engaged in technologies like Data & Analytics, Digital Transformation, Cyber Security and Test Automation. We continue to see exceptional demand for our disruptive technologies like Blockchain, AI, AR/VR, 3-D Printing and Edge Computing. Technology Solutions + Outcome based and Value Driven Services has rightfully emerged as the key enabler for businesses.


3. Which industry verticals are you currently focusing on?

We are witnessing increased digital appetite across sectors – BFSI, Telecom, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & Customer Services, Energy & Utilities, Transport & Logistics, Govt. & PSUs and Hi-Tech.


4. The industry is seeing a rising importance of business and technology enablers like virtualization, convergence and cloud. How do you see these emerging technologies impact your business sector?

As the industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate, emerging technologies continue to affect the way we live, work, and interact with one another. Different industries are beginning to have a greater focus on the tremendous economic and social power that has resulted from the tech industry’s leadership and innovation. Technology is no longer just a business enabler. It now acts as a core to every business model, no matter what the industry.


5. AI is projected to be the next market. How is AI contributing to the making of your products and services?

Across industries and sectors, Artificial Intelligence is one of the more prevalent emerging technologies. It has become a powerful companion to big data. Insights derived from a combination of the two can help organisations scale new heights. However, artificial intelligence is now finding a whole new set of applications.

With deep domain expertise, an ability to co-innovate with our clients, a deployment model optimised for speed at scale, an ever-growing partner ecosystem and a unique talent development model, OTSI’s team is partnering with clients through consulting and technology implementation.


6. How can businesses efficiently extract the value from data, without increasing cost and complexity?

The modern age solutions around data are vast and cost effective. Businesses can start leveraging the value of advanced analytics, AI and Hyper Automation in processing the data and convert into suggestive information for the effective decision making. The advanced analytics will bring the insights of data and drive the business value.


7. What are the biggest hurdles for companies in implementing RPA in the market?

Given the RPA hype, it is easy to fall prey to an over-enthusiastic perspective. Whenever we undergo a new process or a procedure, we must have a plan for it, and at the same time, we should have a clear idea of the outcomes that we are going to get.

Managing employees’ resistance due to fear of losing jobs or degrading their importance in the organization, picking the most appropriate processes to begin a successful automation journey, inability to automate end-to-end processes, insufficient assistance from the business department, lack of effectively structured RPA implementation teams, technical and operational issues and picking the wrong RPA are some other hurdles which need to be overcome.


8. Do you also feel that the right kind of talent is a challenge in the industry?

With increased economic activity across sectors, demand for tech talent is rising. Young engineering graduates face challenges with basic required technical, communication and behavioural/soft skills.

Majority of young talent i.e. about 0 to 7 yrs has casual attitude towards work and life. Developing them to understand on customer business dynamics, sharing impact of their work to customers, benefits of good collaboration, importance of high integrity, etc. need to be nurtured.

Coordinated efforts are needed to identify and address the skill gap. It is also critical to enable and empower the youth with the skills and mindset required to attract, retain and motivate the best and brightest engineering talent in the country.

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