Verint speech analytics can translate process and analyze 100% calls in up to 10 Indian languages

Today customers are connecting with brands via several channels (mobile apps, social media, websites, chatbots, email, call centres etc.) and they expect great customer experience across all of them. However, marketers are struggling to consolidate the data from all these channels and analyse it for improving their products and services. The challenge becomes far greater in India,  when you add the multi-lingual layer to the existing omni-channel layer.

Verint has been solving the multi-lingual, omni-channel problem for top companies in India across IT, BFSI, e-commerce, Healthcare and more by deploying a full suite of data and speech analytics solutions. Verint Analytics can consolidate and analyse unstructured data across channels and supports data and speech analytics for over 80 global and 11 Indian languages to give decision makers a unified view and enable them to make better decisions for achieving customer delight every time.

Given this context,  Anil Chawla, Managing Director, Customer Engagement Solutions, Verint in a discussion with CXOToday shared more insights around the multi-lingual, omni-channel challenges being faced by brands in India and how they can use analytics for seamless customer experience.

  1. India is a country of many countries – how much language barrier poses a hindrance to businesses to connect better with local customers?

There are 22 official languages in India with further hybridization like hinglish (mix of Hindi and English). Looking at these challenges, brands that look forward to tapping Indian audiences across geographies often face the challenge of not been able to connect with the native language speaking audience. To beat this challenge, it is important to implement the right technology tools that can analyze not only the languages, but also the tonality and help the customer agents implement the right tools to address their query. Interaction Analytics (includes speech analytics) helps to optimize omnichannel customer experience by capturing and analyzing every interaction with customers, regardless of channel (phone, email, chat, social media, or surveys).

The essence of Interaction analytics is to accurately decipher the meaning from the way customers and agents speak (contextual meaning), as well as how it was said (acoustic measures). Verint speech analytics can translate process and analyze 100% calls in up to 10 Indian languages– Indian English, Hinglish, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujrati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam which has been deployed across customers in India, making it easier for the Enterprises to understand the customer issues, achieve a faster resolution and elevate the brand loyalty.

Interaction analytics platform that supports chat, email, survey, and text-based communications enable an organization to gather a complete perspective of customer behaviors, even for the channel hoppers.


  1. What is the need for organizations to set up a comprehensive speech analytics solution in today’s digital first age?

Speech analytics provides a way to “democratize data” across organizations’ technology landscape even when one cannot physically integrate the channels of communication. As a result, a business can learn from each of those interactions to create strong engagement strategies and drive business improvement. Speech Analytics can provide sophisticated conversational analytics to automatically identify, group, and organize the words and phrases spoken during calls into themes, helping to reveal rising trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

Natively embedded in Verint Cloud Platform, Verint Da Vinci powers Verint Speech Analytics running in the platform with advanced AI and automation. It provides organizations with intelligence about business, customers, and employees so they can:

  • Convert unstructured data to intelligence and action.
  • Use machine learning to improve business process.
  • Understand customer or employee sentiment.
  • Determine customer intent of a verbal or written conversation.
  • Detect anomalies in data and act.
  • Identify trends and opportunities in customer interactions with predictive modelling.
  • Remove the guesswork from business decisions.

Going beyond merely isolating words used repeatedly during a specific time period, Verint’s conversational analytics can identify and group words that are different, but contextually related to a particular topic, such as relating overage, minutes of usage, and late charges to “fees.” Largest public sector bank and top 2 out of 3 private banks in India are leveraging Verint Speech Analytics for driving better customer experience across their omnichannel engagement.

To this effect, Verint Speech Analytics capitalizes on semantic intelligence with over 70 patents to provide a deeper understanding of the meaning and context used in conversations. It can analyze 100 percent of the calls and provide needed results within seconds.


  1. How developing a single view of the customer journey, helps with historical contextual analysis?

A single customer view enables organizations to understand and better engage with customers by knowing who they are and what they are looking for. Understanding the mindset, motivation and habits that drive the way your customers want to interact with your organization is a critical step in defining a successful strategy for customer engagement and retention. This can help the organization provide a higher level of satisfaction, achieve greater customer retention, and generate greater profits from its customer base.

Visualization / dashboarding or having a single view of the customer journey, is one of the important pillars in an organization’s journey of elevating customer experience. It helps organizations in  –

  • Provides a holistic, end-to-end view of the customer experience.
  • Helps detect root causes of ineffective service.
  • Helps identify touchpoints that drive high customer effort.
  • Reveals the interactions that their customers say are the most important to the long-term relationship.
  • Helps drive better strategic decision making and investments.
  • Identifies a prioritized roadmap for enhancing the customer experience.

Organizations can understand the customer journey across multiple touchpoints, understand their preferences, know their past interactions, and then provide them with the contextual responses, making the customer happy. It reduces repeat calls and customer is happier since they are not repeating the same instance resulting in better CSAT. This way historical context is not lost. So, when the customer is assured about organization’s ability to capture the contextual history, it leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  1. There is a trend of mixed dialect e.g. Hinglish – will organizations be able to analyze such conversations?

Yes, Verint’s AI integrated speech analytics solution that is available and deployed in 80+ languages and dialects including 10 Indian languages along with Hinglish. It has already been deployed across the vast customer base in India.

Leveraging calls of mixed language and conversations, Verint uses a combination of language accent customization and phonetic boosting to build the most comprehensive and contextually accurate language model. Successful deployment of Verint Speech Analytics, analyzing mixed conversation calls in large Indian Banks is a testimony of our success story in India domestic market.


  1. How Verint foresees an opportunity in the Indian market with its speech and text analytics solutions?

Verint speech analytics solutions can help organizations across the industries like Banking & Finance, Telecom, Retail & e-Commerce, and Contact Centers, understand their customer’s needs and act on it with actionable intelligence and insights, to improve the business. India is a land of many languages and Verint speech analytics supports processing and analysis of calls with up to 10 Indian Languages.

As there is a major shift to drive digital transformation and CX by large Enterprises and Contact Centers, Verint Speech Analytics is critical to this strategy to help organization understand the reasons for digital deflection.

Verint Speech and Text Analytics automatically analyzes and identifies trends, themes, emotion, sentiment and the root causes driving customer interactions, including voice calls and unstructured text such as chat in order to proactively respond to issues and act on opportunities that enhance the customer experience and support business objectives.

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