Aim High in the C-Suite: Strategies to Boost Your Executive Journey


By Mayank Verma

Outlook toward professionalism is changing as many businesses and employees are looking beyond traditional ideas of what it means to be professional. Rather, individuals are focusing on personal branding and how they present themselves in the workplace, and understanding the important roles of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Whether one is a newly appointed manager or a seasoned leader, building their executive presence can help them get ahead in their career.

While the road to the C-suite is an ongoing journey, and should be an ongoing commitment. While it can be challenging and demanding, with smart approaches determined individuals can enhance their chances of reaching the peak of corporate leadership.

Inclusive leadership

The C-suite, along with technical expertise demands extraordinary leadership and executive presence. Ability to navigate the challenging times, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, and the capability to manage and motivate multigenerational talent are all crucial aspects of successful executives. Reflective conversations with teams and stakeholders will help further fine tune the leadership approach to help achieve the organizational objectives. Pursuing  mentorship from seasoned leaders will help with valuable insights on how to steer intricate leadership situations.

Nurturing feedback channels

A powerful tool for growth is constructive feedback. It is imperative to constantly look at opening & nurturing of feedback channels across peers, superiors, customers, and team members. Leveraging these channels will help to improve not only the leadership approach but also the product focus for bigger & better business results. Listening, adapting, and learning from these channels will help in becoming a well-rounded leader.

Building a strong network

Networking with the right community of leaders helps in many ways . Establishing meaningful relationships with peers, industry influencers, mentors, and potential collaborators can open up new perspectives and offer access to valuable insights. Mindfully choosing the networking events from choices available is key, one should know the objective of networking, where would you get the most for your time and which network will help in the right manner would be pivotal.

Focusing on innovation

As the business landscape is constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements, and changing consumer preferences, leaders who can navigate these shifts and drive innovation within their organizations are highly valued. Constantly building the capacity of the organization & team to adapt to change, encourage a culture of innovation, and lead the team through transformational processes is the need of the hour.

Building a strong personal brand & talent magnet

In this digital age, personal branding is paramount and is crucial in one’s career, organization’s success and also to attract & retain the right talent. Building a strong professional online presence is important. One needs to engage with the larger community in a deeper way & most importantly with content that is of value to the community. A well-curated personal brand enhances one’s visibility and positions one as an authority in the field.

To Conclude

The journey to the C-suite is a road that demands commitment, grit, and a calculated approach. After all, the road to the C-suite is not merely about reaching a destination, it is also about being a transformational leader who leads innovation, leaves a lasting impact, and inspires teams in the organization to achieve bigger goals.



(The author is Mayank Verma, CEO & Co-Founder of Leadup Universe, and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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